Wellness Mentorship + Sound Healing + Yoga 


Priscilla Provides a variety of Healing services.

Specializing in Movement and Sound Medicine.

Offering AntiGravity® Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Energy Medicine, Mindfulness & Meditation Practices, Sound Healing, and she has a signature mentorship dedicated to helping Heart-Centered entrepreneurs seeking help building an online presence.

Collaborating with Sound Healers around the world, and providing unique workshops, classes and event.

Coming November 2020 - Digital Detox Retreats in the heart of Tacoma, WA

Email cillywellness@gmail.com for more details to book your next wellness retreat.

Find trust, decompress, conquer fear and explore ways to move the body in ways you never dreamed possible.

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Tacoma WA | (206) 455-5611 | cillywellness@gmail.com