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Sound Healer | AntiGravity Yoga Instructor |Mindset Coach


Founder of Cilly Wellness and the Creator of Align Online Accelerator.


I am a holistic practitioner co-creating unique healing experiences for individuals on a Spiritual path. My teaching style is non-judgmental, patient, and compassionate. This creates a light-hearted, safe, and nurturing environment. I am here to create beauty and bring more joy and curiosity into the world. My goal is to encourage conscious living. I am on a mission to empower service-driven beings to manage anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. Creating a life of peace, joy, and liberation. Spreading light and joy into the world in their own authentic way. Building a community of leaders in love. Helping healers heal the world.​


May each individual receive the medicine they need at the moment they are ready. ​




Life is meant to be 

Experienced, created, adventurous, joyful, educational

My Story​


My struggles with fear, depression, and physical pain, inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try things that scared me. I discovered aerial yoga in 2017, and fell in love! For the first time in my life, I was able to relax, let go of my fears, and find trust. I was inspired to get certified to become a teacher and so the yogic path began. My training was in NY with ANTIGRAVITY® Fitness. Then I found my 200 RYT with Three Trees Yoga. Yoga transformed my life. 


I took the leap and quit my corporate job to begin Cilly Fitness in 2017. Where I have created and co-created many beautiful healing experiences for people to heal, try something new, and have fun. In 2020 The business closed and I found a transition into Cilly Wellness. Helping heart-centered entrepreneurs get online. Coaching them through tech blocks and limiting beliefs. My Husband Josh and I began to build a new sacred studio space from home to create an intimate setting for magical healing events to happen again. We now have a home where we are able to host private retreats for couples and individuals looking to connect deeper within. I provide private / group aerial sessions, inner journeys, spiritual cleanses, DNA recreation, sound ceremonies, drum circles, and so much more. 

My true dream is to own a healing retreat center and healing sanctuaries all around the world to bring more peace and love to our planet. Building a conscious community where we are deeply nourished, safe, and free. 




July 2016

Location: AntiGravity® LAB NYC


Trainer: Lorianne Major



AntiGravity® COCOONING


July 2016


Trainer: Online





December 2016


Location: Galaxy Pilates | Las Vegas, NV


Trainer: Salina Andrews



AntiGravity® JUST KIDS


April 2017


Location: AntiGravity® LAB NYC


Trainer: Darlene Cassanova



AntiGravity® AERIAL YOGA 1


March 2017


Location: Raven Fitness, San Francisco CA


Trainer: Eileen Kielty



Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga


August 2017


Trainer: Megan Sloan



200 RYT


November 2017 graduate


Three Trees Yoga Teacher Training



Usui Reiki Level 1


2019 with Anita



Healing Circles


Patti Wolfrom





Tantra Yoga


Grace Bryant




Module 1& 2 - ongoing



OCA - Online Coach Accelerator


Rachel Bell


Aug - October 2020



Katherine Woodward Thomas- Conscious Uncoupling


Jeanne Byrd


December 2020 - March 2021



Calling In the one


Katherine Woodward Thomas


May 2021 - July 2021



Yoga Body Breath Coach Certification




July 2021

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