Priscilla Jaeger


Priscilla is known for providing a fun, light hearted and nurturing environment. Utilizing a non-judgmental, patient and compassionate teaching style.


She enjoys encouraging students to find trust, let go of fear, and break barriers. Empowering them to work up to goals with small consistent steps. Priscilla enjoys fusing together all of her knowledge to help improve whatever obstacle is being faced. Using yoga, breath work, sound healing, energy medicine, and understanding the Chakra system to better understand ourselves.

Priscilla is on a mission currently to empower heart centered entrepreneurs to conquer fears of technology, gaining courage, confidence and clarity doing what they love. Spreading light and joy into the world in their own authentic way. Helping healers heal the world.

Yoga has been a helpful tool that Priscilla enjoys sharing with the world. She hopes to help individuals learn how to find self-love, compassion and kindness so they can utilize these tools within their own daily lives and share with others. Helping guide students to look within oneself. Reconnect the body and mind through breath, Asana (poses) and meditation. It's never too late to start the journey towards healing.



July 2016

Location: AntiGravity® LAB NYC

Trainer: Lorianne Major

AntiGravity® COCOONING

July 2016

Trainer: Online


December 2016

Location: Galaxy Pilates | Las Vegas, NV

Trainer: Salina Andrews

AntiGravity® JUST KIDS

April 2017 

Location: AntiGravity® LAB NYC

Trainer: Darlene Cassanova

AntiGravity® AERIAL YOGA 1 

March 2017 

Location: Raven Fitness, San Francisco CA

Trainer: Eileen Kielty

Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga

August 2017

Trainer: Megan Sloan

200 RYT 

November 2017 graduate

Three Trees Yoga Teacher Training

Usui Reiki Level 1

2019 with Anita 

Healing Circles

Patti Wolfrom


Tantra Yoga 

Grace Bryant


Module 1& 2 - ongoing

OCA - Online Coach Accelerator

Rachel Bell

Aug - October 2020

Katherine Woodward Thomas- Conscious Uncoupling

Jeanne Byrd

December 2020 - March 2021

Calling In the one

Katherine Woodward Thomas

May 2021 - July 2021

Yoga Body Breath Coach Certification


July 2021