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Spiritual Cleanse


A spiritual cleanse will help release negative energies.

Suggested uses:

  • Cleanse energies created by a toxic relationship

  • Stressful job situation

  • Bullied - emotional or physical abuse

  • Trapped emotional trauma

  • If a person has been psychically or physically attacked.

  • Anxiety attacks

  • Nightmares

  • Relationship break-up

  • When a person has lost their spirit – desire to fight back

  • State of desperation

  • Whenever someone feels they are being controlled by another person

  • After-effects of an alternative lifestyle 

  • After alcohol or drug rehab or struggles with addiction


Client Preparation:

I encourage you to take a total of 3 days to focus on self-love and give yourself time to focus on YOU!



Gather the following items:

This is part of the process and is preparing you. These are used as your offering and respect for the teachings of Buddha.

  • 7 different color flowers

  • 7 different fruits

  • 8 yellow candles (no tapered candles)

  • 3 red candles

  • 3 incense of their choice

  • Donation for temple or charity of their choice

  • Celebratory meal or snack

*No meat or dairy 24 hrs before the cleanse


Write on your intention related to why you are getting this Spiritual Cleanse. 


✔ Complete one of the exercises below

Spiritual Cleanse Exercises:

  • Write a forgiveness letter to self

  • Write a letter of everything you want to release and burn before the cleanse.

  • If it is a cleanse to release a person from your life, get rid of everything that person ever gave you. Everything.


✔ Burn prior to cleanse (We can do this together as well.) 

*If you are burning at home, Please do so with safety in mind. Use a bowl, over the sink, or outside. Be sure to have ventilation if burning at home. 


Spiritual Cleanse: 

Eat very lightly on the day of the cleanse.


Bring the following items:

These are used as your offering and respect for the teachings of Buddha.

  • 7 different color flowers

  • 7 different fruits

  • 3 incense sticks 

  • 8 yellow candles

  • 3 red candles

  • Donation for Offering (testimonials also appreciated)

  • Celebratory Snack *Optional


 After the Cleanse

  • Enjoy the fruit or a nibble together and share the experience. The snack will help to ground you. Drink plenty of water


  • Empty the water out in nature. It absorbs the bad energies.


  • Floating flowers will be given to each client to be used in a bath. They are infused with the love and compassion of Quan Yin. Ideally, the bath should be done within 48 hrs and no more than 72. Flowers should be stored in the refrigerator if not used right away.
    Soak in a Compassion bath with your flowers. 


  • Light a candle and enjoy a steaming bath with the flowers from your cleanse. 

  • Don't have a bathtub? All good, you may also fill a bowl with water and the flowers from your cleanse. Then let them cascade over your head in the shower. 


Either way, feel the water and botanicals pull the last impurities from your being. This completes the cleanse. Integrate with journaling on what is present and how you feel.
Wrap yourself in Unconditional love.



The purpose of the items for the cleanse:

  • 7 different color flowers - Flowers will absorb the love and compassion of Quan Yin. Represents the beauty and impermanence of all things.

  • 7 different pieces of fruit - To remind you to be generous. You can’t be generous and greedy at the same time. The number 7 represents the number of steps to ascend. It also represents God.

  • 8 yellow candles - One for each point of the oxtagan - represents the lighting of one flame to another to represent the possibility of human enlightenment.

  • 3 red candles - For the altar, to call in protectors

  • 3 incense - For the altar, to fight negativity and pull the negativity into rice and salt

  • Donation for temple or charity - Placed in an envelope on the altar to show gratitude

  • Celebratory meal or snack - Grounds you, gives you strength, and shares your love

✔ 3 cups of water - Absorbs the negative entities and energies *Provided

✔ Salt and rice - Holds incense and absorbs the negativity *Provided

✔ Yellow oxtagan - For protection - *Provided


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask




Text: (206) 455-5611

DM on Instagram : @CillyWellness


You can find Candles and incense at a Dollar Tree, Crystal shop, or Grocery Store. If you are having trouble or have any questions, I am here to help guide you. Trust you are a creative, sovereign, intuitive being that can have fun with this process and know you are worthy of this experience and these investments in yourself.


You can also order online if needed:

Yellow Candles:

Red Candles:


Or get custom candles made for you supporting a eco-friendly small biz. 


I go through Ananda Industries.

Let's set up a time to discuss if this is right for you!

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