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4 Week Virtual Mini Series

In these workshops we will gather in community and dive deep into ourselves and the life we wish to create. Priscilla will guide participants through writing prompts and navigating through programs such as Google Docs, Slides, and 

Helping you to get comfortable with online skills. 

Who is this workshop for? 

This is a workshop catered to Heart Centered Humans ready to dive deeper within so they can create a compelling future for themselves and the world. For those feeling stuck when it comes to their purpose and dreams. For those that feel they are not "tech" savvy, "smart enough" or "good enough"

Who is this workshop not for? This workshop is not for the closed minded, unwilling to participate, afraid to dive into the depths of their soul. Not ready to face shadows. 


In this week you will be creating a personal time line from 5 to 25.

Discover your Origin story and your Values. 


In this week you will Get clarity on your values. 

Your beliefs, and vision for a compelling future


We will be learning how to create an upward Spiral Guide to be used daily. Digital Vision boarding workshop using the Pomodoro Technique


Connecting and checking in with using this tool daily.

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