November 24th, 2018 | 6pM - 7:30PM

Early Incentive | Book by 11 /22 /18 to save $5!

Join us for a bliss- filled Saturday afternoon as we honor the spirit of the cacao tree.


Encase yourself within a Silky Cocoon of fabric or Ground yourself within a cozy bundle of blankets.

Float in the vibration of the Crystal Quartz Bowls for a sound bath provided my Liz Ophoven.


Liz travels to Guatemala to bring back a special gift for all to share. The gift of a cacao ceremony.


Lava Love Mayan ceremonial grade Cacao. Its absolutely divine!


After enjoying and learning about the benefit of Cacao, Priscilla from Cilly Fitness will guide participants into the Hammock for a suspended sound bath.


Floor spaces are also available. Build a cozy next with our plush yoga mats, blankets and bolsters.

(supplies available at the studio)


Those that purchase hammocks will get to encapsulate themselves within a silky cocoon of fabric suspended in the midst of healing vibrations from the Crystal Quartz Bowls.


Hammocks : 11 Spaces - $45 early Incentive / $55 if purchased after 5/15/2018


Ground Floor : 10 Spaces - $35 early Incentive / $45 if purchased after 5/15/2018


Additional details below:

Find out all about the cacao Liz offers from Guatemala here...

Cacao has been used in ceremony for thousands of years, in this pure form it has the ideal properties as a plant medicine to transport you into your meditation experience while opening up your heart and mind. This is a way for you to inner journey.

Liz combines the use of Cacao with guided meditation, this way all you do is follow along with your mind and imagination. No previous experience is required! As your daily thoughts drift into the background your inner journey begins.

You will be lead into your journey through this guided meditation and after a while the Quartz Crystal Bowls and Gongs will be played as a sound healing tool. The vibrational frequencies of these instruments (like many others) will attune your body and personal energy field to it's natural healed and balanced state. In harmony you will then be guided out of the meditation back into consciousness feeling renewed.

Come in comfortable clothes, we will be chillin on the floor or suspending in hammocks, drinking the chocolate, laying down and resting.

*Drink only small amounts of cacao if you are on medication for your heart , depression, have glaucoma or are pregnant