Upcoming Dates

February 29th, 2020

6:00-7:00 PM

Friday March 13th, 2020



Sound Bath & Meditation Experience

Join us for a bliss- filled evening

Encase yourself within a Silky Cocoon of fabric or Ground yourself within a cozy bundle of blankets.

Encapsulate yourself in the vibration of the crystal singing bowls, Chakra Overtone Drum, COD Harp, Tingshas, and chimes.

Re-calibrate and align your chakras, clear negativity and ground your energy with sound & the power of meditation... Release energy that is no longer serving you.


Suspend from the ceiling in a cocoon of fabric to enhance your sound bath experience to the fullest - float away on a healing cloud of sound.


Or ground yourself on the floor without suspension as healing sounds wash over you.


Ground yourself on a mat and build your own cozy nest using props and blankets of your own or from the studio.

There will be yoga mats, blankets and pillows for use at the studio for those who wish to borrow them. (supplies are limited)


Cocoons Limited to 12 Participants

Hammocks hold 1000+ lbs

$33 ADV / $35 DOOR


Limited to 10 participants

$22 ADV / $25 DOOR