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COVID - 19 - Creating a NEW Daily Routine

I wanted to share some tips that I feel can be of service in this time.

I am looking at this moment in time as a great opportunity to take a personal retreat. Specifically a digital detox.

This can be hard when it also seems like the perfect time to learn internet marketing and how to provide services online. I believe a 3 day digital detox is calling me. Even cutting back a few hours less than normally spent on the smart devices is a huge benefit to our mental and emotional beings.

We are all just doing our best. Do what you can. Challenge yourself if you dare to put your phone in airplane mode for a day. Or better yet... Turn it OFF!

I plan on doing a digital detox / silent Cilly retreat for myself 3.20-3/23

I will be returning for the New Moon with a live sound bath and perhaps a few yoga class option via zoom. Stay tuned... tehe


Invest in Coconut Oil

The incredible benefits of coconut oil:

Coconut oil contains lauric acid and caprylic acid, which are highly essential to strengthen the immunity system of an organism. These acids can easily fight off the bacteria and viruses that can cause harmful diseases.

There are various benefits of coconut oil as it has antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties which help to keep you healthy and immune.

Coconut oil can be made a part of your diet in several ways:

Coconut Oil as cooking oil: You can use a teaspoon of coconut oil for cooking purposes and it will help to curb fatigue and muscle pain with regular usage. Coconut Oil in smoothies: Yes, you can add coconut oil to the smoothies. It will help to thicken the texture and add to the nutritious value. Coconut Oil as massage oil: Coconut oil is very good for metabolism and thus, aids in weight loss. The lauric acid present in this oil is very useful to enhance immunity. Using it as a massage oil, will be an added bonus. Coconut Oil in moisturisers: To build a shield against viruses and bacteria, applying coconut oil mixed with the skin lotion can be a big advantage. As our skin is the first tissue that comes in contact with the air around us which contains the impurities, coconut oil will keep the skin protected, healthy and strong. Coconut Oil as make-up remover: Coconut in any form will always be good for your health. Even as a make-up remover, the slightest of the coconut oil will help to protect the body and boost the immune system.


I highly recommend doing the Daily Energy Routine every day, multiple times during the day. Follow along with the video below

Some extra bonuses for #COVID-19

Create a safe space, a practice or ritual.

I have a hard time with this one due to being a water element and very vata (airy) right now.

Getting grounded is super important for me to find balance. That means finding a routine. Creating a routine.

Show yourself compassion and do what you can. Even if it is a 5 minute commitment. #onedaystronger

My ideal routine

  • Journal

  • Meditation

  • DER

  • Yoga

  • Warm water for lemon water and neti pot - Never use Tap Water!!!

  • Breakfast - Oatmeal w coconut oil (warming foods are important for me as a vata dosha)

  • If I have coffee or cacao, I also add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and blend in my vitamix. this will create a luxurious latte effect. num numz

Wondering what the hell a Dosha is?

Learn what your dosha is here...

I am finding that Journaling is very helpful. Even if it is a paragraph.

How do I create a new routine?

Start with how do I want to feel? I like to keep a journal right next to my bed, so there is no excuse to not get up and just write something. Maybe a message from my dreams, maybe how I feel, and I really like this new method from Gabby Bernstein Super Attractor.

"Above all else, care about how you feel."

-Gabby Bernstein, Super Attractor

Take some time to answer these 4 questions:


1. How do I want to feel today?

(examples: I want to feel safe, secure, at ease, relaxed, happy, joyful, energized, grounded, peaceful....)

2. Who do I want to be today?

(examples: I want to be grounded, light, a guide, a teacher, positive, a good neighbor, a support to others, to be in service, inspiration, best version of myself, in community...)

3. What do I want to receive today?

(examples: I want to receive guidance, confirmation, peace, good news, clarity, joy, peace, calm, laughter...)

4. What do I want to give today?

(example: I want to give knowledge, healing touch, energy, time, food, charity, education, support, helping hand, love....)

Envision your day going as you wish and notice the feelings you feel. Imagine all of these wants are true in this moment. How does that make you feel? Feel the feelings and emotions.

Design it exactly how you want it to be. Focus on how you want to feel. Notice and observe how you feel and what draws to you. Receive. Allow. Trust. Continue daily.

* Cilly tip... Do this as soon as you wake up or right after using the restroom. You can do this in bed, or set up a safe space. this can be an altar, the couch, any space you can sit and write. It does not need to be fancy. Just write! Refuse any excuses such as "I dont't have time", "I don't have anything to write", "I need my coffee or breakfast first"... NO ! Just write at least the daily design. Or something you are grateful for. Just Write something. Check in 21 days from now and see the amazing results! Breaking patterns. Living a life of freedom and creating the way we wish to live.

Leave a comment if you give any of this a try. I would love to hear what your Daily Routine was / What you wish to create your new routine to be? Discoveries are always appreciated!

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