Only Love

Sound Shower

with Hidai Liberman & Cilly Fitness

July 1, 2019 | 7pm - 8:30 PM

Only Love

Featuring Special guest hidai Libeman

Hammocks and Hidai

Join us for this very special event!
1.5 hours of connection, diving deep and experiencing an exclusive sound shower with Hidai Liberman - Co-creator of the Chakra overtone Drum. Playing live, with intention, and only love. 

We will take time to connect, breathe, rest and allow the body and mind to reconnect. 
Receive the healing vibrations as you melt into the earth or float away on a cloud of sound as you are held in a silky cocoon of fabric. Ready to emerge and transform. 

Enjoy this journey through the chakras with frequencies from the COD Drum, Harp and more. 

Hammocks: $65
Floor: $55

We have plenty of props, mats and blankets available at the studio. Just show up!

Hammocks are weight rated to hold 1000+ Lbs

Space is limited!




Hammocks Limited to 12 Spaces

Weight Limit -1000 lbs


Floor Space


 Limited to 10