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I EMPOWER Heart Centered Entrepreneurs to overcome FEAR of Technology. Gaining COURAGE + CONFIDENCE + CLARITY doing what they LOVE 

90 Day Mentorship for the Heart Centered Entrepreneur ready to Shine & Align Online.

Why this course?

What you get:


Break Limiting Beliefs

Workshops / Tutorials

Guided Meditations

Unlimited support daily 

Weekly Zoom Calls

Align Online Accelerator is a 90-day, high touch mentorship that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your specific goals in a way that jives with your busy schedule. I am here to help you shortcut through technical frustrations, Stay focused on your goals and live in your zone of genius.  Connect to your values and beliefs. Find the confidence to be seen, love yourself more, and level up to up-level the collective consciousness


STEP 1: Develop & Establish a ROUTINE
In Week 1, we Create and establish a Routine for your daily success. Providing
Accountability and goal setting. Learn about Einstein time.

STEP 2: RE-Program Your Mind for Success
Together we will get to the root causes of your worthiness, procrastination, self-sabotage, perfectionism,
and other behavioral patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals. This is a scientific
methodology that will show you how to rewire your brain.

STEP 3: Claim & Commit to your Niche + Creating an ICA
Discover who you are best at serving and learn how to establish a commitment to your
Niche & ICA

STEP 4: Know Your Unlimited Value, and See it in others
Learn to get past limiting beliefs, Embody an abundance mindset and re-claim your POWER.

STEP 5: Shine Online
Get yourself set up with a booking system, Social Media & Learn how to connect them with


STEP 6: Feel Aligned + Empowered + Confident
Implement and get into inspired action. Put yourself out there and see results with

Hi! I'm Priscilla, founder of Align Online Accelerator for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. I know what it
is like to take the leap towards quitting the unfulfilling “JOB” and diving into purpose. I was once a stressed out manager working my way up the corporate ladder. Stress, Anxiety, and Depression lead me to the world of Personal development and  spirituality. Noticing a huge improvement, I became an AntiGravity® instructor, followed with many Yoga, Sound Healing, and Energy certifications along the way. In 2016, I quit my job and took the leap towards becoming a Heart Centered Entrepreneur. I quickly discovered how helpful technology can be when I took the time to build a relationship with it. I started coaching fellow healers that didn’t know where to start and how to streamline their technology to get their business up and running. I noticed a common theme. These amazing and talented healers were blocked from “TECHNOPHOBIA”. They felt they were not capable, too old, or
that they would rather pay someone to do it for them but still had to do the work.

I am here to help you discover your genius and bring your vision to life.
Allowing you to be the creator of your dream and to feel EMPOWERED
through the process. You can have all the knowledge & experience in the
world... but unless you know how to CONNECT WITH CLIENTS, it’s not
possible to make the impact (or income) you deserve.
I am on a mission to help Heart Centered Entrepreneurs uplevel humanity
by helping them to shortcut through the technological world and get online
to shine their light NOW...
I decided to create this program to help Highly Sensitive Beings, Seekers,
Healers, and Heart Centered Entrepreneurs find their unique energetic
blueprint and get comfortable shining their light online. Turn your PAIN into
POWER. Become clear and confident sharing your gifts with the world and
thrive in your business. Align Online.


Priscilla Jaeger

Wellness Tech Guide

Align Online Accelerator