Cilly Fitness and Sara Corbishley bring you an evening focused around healing.
Meet like minded spirits for an evening of setting intention and self care.

Each person will receive a swag bag with goodies and everything needed to participate during class.
Journal, Candle, Calming and uplifting Essential Oils, and more!
Experience gentle yoga, candle decoration, meditation, journal / vision board creation, tea, essential oils, Intention setting ending with a sound bath with Sara Corbishley from bliss Resonates.

The soothing and powerful sounds & vibration from the alchemy & crystal quartz bowls and chimes will envelope you, align your chakras, clear negativity and ground your energy with sound... Release energy that is no longer serving you!


Suspend from the ceiling in a cocoon of fabric to enhance your sound bath experience to the fullest - float away on a healing cloud of sound. Or ground yourself on the floor without suspension as healing sounds wash over you.



There will be yoga mats, blankets and pillows for use at the studio for those who wish to borrow them. (supplies are limited)


Cocoon (Hammock Space): $65 Early Incentive / $75 Purchased after 12/25

Cocoons are limited to 11 participants and requires a 10 min. early arrival for entering and exiting yoga hammocks (holds up to 1000lbs.).


Floor Space: $55 Early Incentive / $65 Purchased after 12/25


$65 Early Booking

$75 after 12/25


$55 Early Booking

$65 after 12/25